weather warnings

Weather warnings have been issued.
Nowadays, we have instant access to weather forecasts online and through our mobile apps as well as continuous updates via social media. It's difficult to imagine going to bed in the evening completely unaware of an imminent hurricane-force storm in the English Channel. But would we really do a better job in 2017 compared to 1987?
Snow and gale force winds are expected to return to parts of Britain, less than a fortnight after blizzard conditions brought
The snow has melted and it is feeling altogether more mild and breezy across Britain following the freezing trudge into work
The man drove his landrover into the deeper water to rescue the motorist, who was in a smaller car Although he was wet and
Weather forecasters are warning Britons to prepare for a chillier than average winter with a bleak prediction that "impressively
People living along the coasts in parts of the country are being warned of possible flooding from high tides and stormy weather
Severe weather warnings have been issued across England and Wales after heavy rain was predicted throughout the UK. The Environment
More horrendous weather is to lash the UK, with winds of up to 65mph battering coasts and torrential rain threatening flooding
Britons are warned to take care amid the severe weather conditions as snow, sleet and ice have led to a man losing his life