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Twitter is like Marmite: you either love it or have no idea what it is. If you're not from Britain. And today, of course
People pedantic about punctuation have long been on the warpath for signs bearing grammatical-errors but these posters take
A new web comedy which portrays Chancellor George Osborne as a street dance student seeking to become more popular than Boris
EMPEROR penguins in the hit wildlife series Frozen Planet are given shots of whisky so they act-up for the cameras, it has
It's week two! Of the funniest tweets of the day! So far! Today's honorable mention goes to comedian @AlexHorne, whose #twitadventure
The Pokes, sponsored by 2 Entertain, are the first and only awards celebrating British comic talent on the internet. Take
Pugs hate iPhone, but cats LOVE iPad. Here we have indisputable video evidence of the fact provided by YouTube. iPad cat
And what a day it's been! National Freelancers Day, to be precise. National Freelancers' Day, to possibly be more precise
This week's viral video chart recognises dare-devils with stunt artist Damien Walker’s free running feats, a single pipe
There was a time - about 24 hours ago - that we thought that the only thing funnier than the original 'Benton!' video (current