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Andy Leek's 'The Queen In Goal' is one of those utterly wonderful, beautifully simple Tumblr photo blogs - a la Kim Jong
A tip of the cap to those clever folk over at Buzzfeed.com for pointing us in the direction of this fantastic protest sign
David Hasselhoff is an iconic human being. Star of Baywatch, judge on Britain's Got Talent, '80s pop sensation... he's some
Pity poor Zbigniew Filo. The 24-year-old driver from Lubczyna, Poland, has discovered his car is up a tree and it's his neighbours
Until recently, googling the phrase 'cat beard' - something we're often doing here at Huffington Post UK Comedy - gave you
Kate Moss is a good egg. We know this because we've seen her Misery Bear short, and now, a bit of her work on the upcoming
The Simpsons is an established pop culture brand. Easily identifiable thanks to its particular yellow hue, and much-loved
"Keep on truckin'" is a phrase we all know - but it looks like one Chinese man has taken it to its illogical conclusion. In
An XXXXXXL, God-sized tip of a 10 million gallon hat to Redditor JSLEnterprises for not only coming up with this idea, but
In celebration of Mother's Day, we here at Huffington Post UK Comedy have done what comes naturally: compiled a silly gallery