As an invention, the web is stunningly successful. Almost half the world's population use it, and far more people now have access to it than those who don't. In little more than a generation, we've seen the first website joined by over four billion others to become one of the most important, widely used information and knowledge tools ever created.
I think we need to re-evaluate what it is to grow older and place value on it. My personal wish is that the beauty industry would market products using a 'positive-ageing' message, highlighting the natural and ageing beauty that is in our faces.
I'm pretty sure I went through three pots of coffee in the 72 hours it took me to completely launch my website. I was in the zone, and figuring out how to drag and drop site elements into a website was actually far simpler than I expected. Once everything was in place, using a custom domain name, I shifted my focus to building brand recognition.
Last week someone discovered that those trying to visit were automatically diverted to, the billionaire Republican candidate's registered campaign domain.
I see so many websites out there that look beautiful at first glance, but don't do what they've been designed to do. I see lots more that look, well pretty uninspiring really and definitely let the side down when it comes to showing their business off at its best.
You come to and look around, the office is staring at you. Their blank stares like a social cricket bat to the face as you
Is there a more perfect web address than Probably not, so have you ever wondered who might
Our research reveals that 60%of the UK's very small businesses don't have a website. Very small businesses (defined as those with five employees or less) make up one fifth of the UK's small business presence, and the fact that so few are online is worrying.
Do you want to start your own pop-up organic vegan gluten free cider bar in Dalston but don't know what food to serve? Or
I have spent the best part of six weeks adding comments to many of these stories urging the people writing them to stop and think for a moment what they are saying. Not only was all of this wrong, in many cases it was deliberately misleading. Either that or plain ignorant, but as these were all 'experts' then I'll leave you to decide.