weekend break

As a wheelchair user Cardiff proves what is possible around the concept of inclusive design. It's so accessible for me that it's one of those places that means I can forget I live on wheels from the moment I arrive.
What's the plan for the weekend? Same old drinks in the same old bar followed by the same old late night bite waiting for
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Within minutes of arriving in Hong Kong, I was told my home town of Shanghai was only 'almost as good' as this former British colonial town. I wasn't surprised by the comment. The Chinese are very competitive when it comes to their cities and Hong Kong is fighting to maintain her lead over the fast-growing economic hubs of mainland China.
Londoners, here's one reason to rejoice - you're no longer inhabitants of the most expensive city in Britain (although that
The sun's out and while that may mean it's the perfect time for picnics, romance is fizzing all over the place in the hot
Perched on the edge of the forest, just outside the pretty village of Lyndhurst is Lime Wood, a charming Regency house, scattered lodges and spa set against an enchanting forest backdrop.
The Lifehouse Spa is certainly different to the numerous spas I have visited and I can see why it would appeal to the male clientele.
The husband and wife team of Nikki and Jason are the brains behind the company Mudtrek. The holiday is for mountain bikers of all levels, though I suspect most of the other guests are streets ahead of me in the experience stakes.
I'm a Londoner get me outta here. If you're like me and sometimes find yourself, almost bleeding in love for a fantastical yet exhausting city, yearning to look out at nothing but a field or the sea? Then I have something for you.
This is what a glam girly weekend should be about: designer shopping, pampering, luxury, good food, memories and friends. Oh, and leave the feather boa, pink hen-night boppers and those willy straws at home.