“I love how she goes from classy, to OFGLARBDKVNES, then to classy again ... “
If you've ever sat up in bed wondering why you're not as popular as someone else online, why someone younger has more followers
A Chinese billionaire’s Husky has been hounded on social network Weibo for owning TWO gold Apple watches. Reported by MailOnline
A student has come up with a rather novel, and certainly controversial, method of funding her travels across China - by advertising
If you wanted to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in mainland China today, you had to be pretty
Shots of a baby wearing a hollowed out watermelon have gone viral on China's equivalent of Twitter. The little chap is seen
A praying mantis, struggling against a tyre, has become a popular meme China Digital Times reported that Weibo users were
A Chinese teenager has vandalised a 3,500-year-old Egyptian temple relic - by carving his name into it. The 15-year-old was
A performance artist has announced he is the mysterious naked man who has been pictured dashing around Beijing with a giant