A “trend” which sees dog owners clothe their canine companions in tights is gaining momentum in China. Translated from “gou
A Chinese heiress appears to be launching a one-woman effort to take on those Rich Kids of Instagram by splashing evidence
In recent months, the "China expat" has been making international headlines. Several longtime residents of China announced their intention to leave on public forums, explaining that living in China was not only hazardous to their health, but worse, an alienating experience.
Journalists at one of China's most influential papers have stunned the country by going on strike over censorship of their
It's not easy being a famous woman, especially in China. In a post that went viral yesterday on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter, Chinese model and singer Lu Jing, who describes herself as possessing "the most beautiful natural breasts in China".
Two days ago, a photograph of a girl wearing a white vest and ballet slippers and doing a 45-degree split in her dorm room went viral on the Chinese Internet. It led to what Sina entertainment called an online "battle between beauties." Some of the photos feature young women eating lunch or talking on their cell phones while doing the splits.
A protestor who lay in the path of a steamroller has been crushed to death in China. He Zhi Hua was attempting to resist
A Japanese porn actress who attempted to pour oil on the troubled waters of the East China Sea - using social media to plead
By David Wertime, Tea Leaf Nation co-founder and editor What would a world without Weibo, China's Twitter, look like? It's
A Chinese wine connoisseur has brought a new meaning to getting smashed - by throwing a £10,000 bottle of French wine on
The wife of a disgraced Chinese politician has received a suspended death sentence for murdering British businessman Neil
China's most high-profile political court case in decades has been shrouded in secrecy, as the wife of ousted Chinese politician