Weird Science

It seems amazing that something so totally personal as ones level of consciousness could be considered an illegal act. But there is a turning of the tide both in policy and in scientific research, which has begun to recognise the value of these substances.
How big is the universe? This big. How small are atoms? This small:
Every week it seems as though something new is being invented whether it's someone building an incredible gadget in their
An ultra competitive 'beauty pageant mom' in Florida fed her daughter tapeworm eggs in a bid to make her lose weight before
This video shows what you'd think is some form of magic: A man puts his hand into a jar of water and as if by magic, the
Iran's announcement that it has sent a monkey into space has caused a bit of a stir. Space exploration- that highest frontier of transformative technology pushing out beyond the Earth- has long reigned as futuristic and radical as science can get.