welfare reform bill

'How long are you likely to have Parkinson's then?' Philip would have been pretty surprised if a friend in the pub asked
The government need to stop creating barriers for disabled students if they want them to participate in society. Disabled students want to make a difference in society and participate, evident in the rise in applications for university. Yet extra funding and finance from welfare benefits is essential for this to occur.
Former Paralympian Baroness Grey-Thompson has revealed to Channel 4 News that she recently had to crawl off a train unassisted
As we get ever more accustomed to austerity, with the granny-taxing budget of last week only the latest attack on living standards, it is perhaps worth revisiting the welfare discussion anew.
We've heard a lot about the Government's headline-grabbing benefits cap, which threatens to plunge 50,000 larger families into poverty. But a separate and lesser known plan to punish social tenants for 'under-occupying' their homes is just as unfair and will hit more than 10 times that number of low-income people. This bedroom tax will have disastrous implications for a huge number of people already struggling to make ends meet in this tough economic climate, including grandparents, disabled people and smaller families.
Rachel works 22 hours a week in a pharmacy but after rent, bills and childcare she often has only £10 left for food and other household essentials for her and her two-year old son Luca. She skips her own meals to be able to give food to Luca, and is constantly worried about money. Rachel has been told she'd be better off on benefits, but she wants to work.
Yo Dave! I know you're a bit busy, but I was wondering if you could help me out with something? I like to think I'm fairly clever and that my comprehension is pretty good but I'm having a bit of trouble with the blog post you wrote here on Thursday.
Today marks an historic step in the biggest welfare revolution in over 60 years. My government has taken bold action to make work pay, while protecting the vulnerable. Past governments have talked about reform, while watching the benefits bill sky rocket and generations languish on the dole and dependency. This government is delivering it. Our new law will mark the end of the culture that said a life on benefits was an acceptable alternative to work.
The House of Lords has passed the Welfare Reform Bill, having withdrawn its only remaining objection to the government's
David Cameron's former "family champion" Emma Harrison has denied any wrongdoing over reports she received £1.7 million from