Welfare Reforms

The introduction of Universal Credit (UC) is having a damaging effect on millions of working families, leaving the "poorest
PMQs today made it pretty clear: Corbyn is starting to employ that headmaster stare. Today, it went from a rather stern warning look to a full-on, narrow-eyed, flashing-gazed glare at the Tory front bench who promptly erupted from muffled laughter to full-on cheers, accompanied by the classic chanting of "Ooooh", which reminded me all too strongly of schooldays seated in front of a well-intentioned but sadly incompetent supply teacher.
David Cameron has moved swiftly to exact revenge on the Upper House following twin defeats in the Lords on Monday evening
Around 68,000 benefit claimants are having their welfare payments stopped unfairly each year, heightening demand for food
This victory is not down to just one campaign or one person. This victory is due to the hard work of EVERYONE who joined the fight against the bedroom tax. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.
Is Iain Duncan Smith on the way out? The Prime Minister's spokesman told journalists on Monday morning that David Cameron
The Lib Dem party president Tim Farron has said he "seriously questions" the decision to build Britain's first new nuclear
A quarter of households hit by the 'bedroom tax' have been pushed into rent arrears for the first time, just five-and-a-half
George Osborne's latest announcement is that "austerity works" as though we are all just living in a snapshot of a nostalgic poster of post-war Britain. You sit at home in your coat. Drag yourself to the cooker to pour some tinned tomatoes over some cold pasta, and try not to hurl it across the room in frustration when your toddler tells you he doesn't want it. But there isn't anything else. But aren't we supposed to just keep calm and carry on? There's nothing cosy and nostalgic about missing days of meals, turning the heating off for two consecutive winters and every bloody day and night in between.
Raquel Rolnik, a senior United Nations official, is in the UK at the invitation of the government to examine whether the