wellbeing at work

The HR world is awash with buzzwords and hot topics - search Google for wellbeing at work and you get 58 million results
So why does this matter? It is not my intention to go in to depth on this but numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation can have an immediate adverse effect on our health, alertness and productivity. This can be the case after even one night of poor sleep but is compounded if our poor sleep continues for any period of time.
As a junior doctor in occupational health - a medical specialty concerned with health at work, I spend a significant proportion of my time coaching and supporting my junior doctor colleagues who in this current climate, are particularly vulnerable to the insurmountable workplace and training demands coupled with seemingly never-ending warfare between the government and the BMA.
The government strongly believes that progressive workplace practices have a vital role to play in increasing productivity and supporting a stronger economy. A greater focus on wellbeing at work will benefit everyone, building both a stronger economy and a fairer society.