wellington college

On the face of it, Louise Thompson, structured-reality television personality and underwear model, and Dr Anthony Seldon, noted academic and Headmaster of Wellington College, probably don't have an awful lot in common. But they do share one thing: a fixation with 'happiness'.
Happiness is increasingly being talked about and taken seriously at both national and international levels. A recent, and very encouraging, example was the United Nations International Day of Happiness, which was celebrated for the first time a couple of weeks ago.
A posthumous Stevie Wonder cover, recorded by young teacher who tragically lost his battle with cancer last year, has been
Identical twins have overcome a family tragedy to gain identical A-level results in order to pursue the same degree... at
A teacher at one of the country's most prestigious public schools has been jailed for 11 years after he was found guilty
A former teacher who allegedly sexually assaulted three pupils at one of Britain's most prestigious schools was exonerated
It's enough to spur excitement into Heathcliffe's restless spirit.
Amid all the fuss and uproar over Fifa banning England's footballers from wearing poppies, the true meaning of Remembrance