Welsh Politics

Cardiff is a nice place. In fact it's much, much better than that. It's a city of beautiful parks and striking architecture
The UK has the widest and worst level of regional inequality. This inequality places Wales in a conundrum. We are "too poor" to be able to afford to be independent of either EU or UK subsidies. Yet the Assembly has gained neither the powers nor the economic levers to change that fact from within the British state.
Tonight at 5pm is the deadline for expressions of interest in the UK Tata Steel business, which of course includes the plants in Wales - Port Talbot, Shotton, Trostre and Llanwern.
This is why we are, today, launching a five-point plan to support coding and digital literacy skills. We want Wales to meet the aspiration set for us by a group of industry experts to become 'an Agile-Digital Nation'.
Tuesday morning dawned with MPs from every party buzzing in to debate one of the big questions of the election, the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union. To quote that revered philosopher Yogi Bear, it was another case of deja-vu all over again
Be in no doubt - the decisions taken in Scotland will have profound implications on all of us. In Wales, we want you to stay. You help us give balance to our United Kingdom in culture, as much as in economics.
David Cameron has been warned by one of his former cabinet ministers that he must set out his "red lines" and "spell out
Through these and other policies we have built a resilient Wales, a Wales with good and improving employment rates and skills levels. People and communities are ready to thrive. But for this to really happen, we need a Labour Government in Westminster. A Government that won't lock people out of the economic recovery, but allow everyone to experience the benefits of an economic uplift.
To my dearest Wales, Cymru, cartref. I use the word "cartref", Welsh for home, despite not having lived there for six years or more. Somehow one's heart is always located deep in one's roots.
Last weekend, the Labour Party gathered in the seaside resort of Llandudno for our annual Welsh conference. It is something of a cliché to describe the most recent such gathering as the most important in recent memory - but this conference really did matter.