West Africa

Which large, grey mammal is wholly aquatic, herbivorous, weighs close to half a tonne, has a big flat tail rather like a beaver but no back legs or eyelids, is related to elephants and lives along the coast and waterways of West Africa?
Britain's announcement confirming the deployment of 330 military personnel to assist French military intervention in Mali
Malian soldiers boarding a French Transall military plane in Bamako, Mali “We are winning in Mali," French President Francois
Britain is sending up to 330 military personnel to help train a West African intervention force in Mali, Downing Street has
A British military aircraft bound for Mali to support French efforts against insurgents allied to al-Qaeda has been grounded
When I looked around and observed peaceful processions, people quickly reminded me that one small spark could set everything off.
Sierra Leone is at a critical point in its development. Despite some progress, Sierra Leone's recovery remains fragile and the country ranks 180 of 187 on the UNDP development index with 77% of Sierra Leone's living in poverty and 62.79% living on less than $1.25 a day.
No one knows how many street children there are in the world. Finding out is one of the first recommendations of the recent UN study on street children to all its member states.
In the space of 10 months, Niger has been hit by a food crisis brought on by high market prices and poor harvests, a refugee crisis triggered by conflict in neighbouring Mali, followed by a cholera outbreak and now devastating floods. It has left many in this West African state wondering when the next disaster is and what could it possibly be?
I want to tell you the stories of the two strong women we met recently in Niger. But I'm finding it very difficult.