West Germany

The country's far-right party did much better in the region that used to be communist East Germany.
Winding back the clock just half a century, this seemingly inconceivable head-trip was a harrowing reality for East Berlin
Next month marks the 48th anniversary of the one and only occasion the England national team won the World Cup. But rather
While some might be concerned about it being a hipster's playground overrun with murky nightclubs, there is much to suggest the city is for anyone curious enough to explore its rich and expansive avenues. Just being in Berlin is an experience in itself.
A university investigation into doping in sport between 1950 and the present day has revealed the extent of alleged systematic
Three players in the German football team beaten by England in the 1966 World Cup final had taken stimulant drugs, it has
Germany is marking 50 years since the construction of the Berlin Wall. The wall was built by the communist East ostensibly