Westminster City Council

Government allegedly deemed sprinklers 'additional rather than essential'.
Councils have said Whitehall is refusing to meet promises to fund basic fire safety improvements like sprinklers needed after
She also called for Sir Martin Moore-Bick to be withdrawn as head of the inquiry.
Kensington and Chelsea Council is sitting on a third of a billion pounds while Grenfell Tower survivors are repeatedly offered
Her behaviour led to 'prolonged hospital stays' for the boy.
A sick 15-year-old boy has missed out on much of his youth because his parents exaggerated his symptoms, a High Court judge
The row over the 'bad taste' caper continues.
'Top Gear' was not given permission to perform a controversial stunt near the Cenotaph during filming for the new series
At some point over recent years it has become tradition among the kids who hang out there to chuck worn-out and broken boards and destroyed trainers onto the bridge support closest to the Festival Hall - creating an incredibly poignant memorial to TimothyBaxter... Which makes Westminster City Council's clean-up crew abseiling down to remove the lot both sad and a bit of a massive cock-up.
The Duke of Cambridge has lifted the lid on his first days of fatherhood as he made his first public appearance since the