whale sharks

At just under three acres, Thelu Veliga may be a small island but my partner Brad and I are in our own little haven; from our stunning water villa with a balcony that opens up onto the ocean, to a cosy restaurant and beach bar. With just 30 beach and water villas, the resort never feels busy, more remote and exclusive.
A live whale shark has been filmed being chopped into pieces in the Chinese province of Guangdong. The graphic, gruesome
Diving. It's not all about befriending moray eels, you know. Just check out the moment diver Chris Coates encountered a giant
There's only one thing I can tell you about the town of Oslob in the Philippines: don't go. There is a tendency amongst travel bloggers to over romanticise, but I wouldn't want to lie to you.
One upside of being a diver-slash-cameraman: you get to film the amazing underwater world. One downside: a shark might crash
Environmental activists claim to have to discovered the world's largest shark slaughterhouse, providing meat from the endangered
I am grimly accepting the fact that a Bloody Mary is no longer an acceptable breakfast, I must wear shoes and clothes again and won't find a dazed, melon-wedge grin on my chops whenever I look in the mirror.
So, we're smack bang in the middle of a drought in our fair land. To remedy our hose-pipe ban blues here at Black Tomato we've selected our favourite water-based adventures from across the globe to whet your travel appetite.