What Culture

Having recently completed one of the best years in the company's relatively short history, What Culture Pro Wrestling appears to be breaking fresh ground again. With a number of notable personalities havibg departed the company is going to redefine itself. So, on December 4th, WCPW will become "Defiant Wrestling".
Watching a War Machine match, any match of Raymond Rowe and Hanson's, is a beautiful thing. Raw power, aggression, incredible feats of agility and tag excellence. The duo has been ripping a hole through the UK wrestling scene, most recently by way of What Culture Pro Wrestling (WCPW).
From Rhodes Scholar to paper bag enforcer, Legacy partner to Stardust, Cody has already had an illustrious career. Now working across Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and New Japan, Rhodes continues to be one of wrestling's MVPs.
What Culture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) is blazing a trail through the UK independent sports entertainment scene. Having already
If you call yourself a wrestling fan then chances are you've spent a few minutes here or there googling wrestling videos online. Whether you were looking for 'The Rock's Greatest Promos' or key news from WWE's Raw, it's inevitable you will have found yourself watching the fun, must-view content provided by the folks at Whatculture.com...
And if our conversation with Adam wasn't enough to excite you, here is WWE Global Cruiserweight Classic contestant Noam Dar