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Jeremy Corbyn's new Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnel, has become the target of an unfortunate Twitter hashtag following his
Midnight, an American late-night game show and self-proclaimed home of #HashtagWars, has got Twitter users making song titles
Weddings are stressful: you've got the bride who's been wired since 6am (and is currently freaking out over a stray curl
For the fifth year running, YouTube has released its festive round up of the most popular videos of the past 12 months. 2013
The hashtag #stopoverworkingourboys swept Twitter on Tuesday, as thousands of One Direction fans took to social media to
The hashtag #AskIslamicState has been trending on Twitter Saturday, with social media users poking fun at the terrorist organisation
I've certainly been guilty of sharing and Smoasting, especially the F***-Off Boasting About Your Child posts: when our 19-month-old completely surprised us by counting to 10, I was bursting with pride and wanted to shout it from every rooftop but I stopped myself. Because, actually, do I really need 40 likes to affirm that our son is as bright as a button?
Currently trending on Twitter is #NationalTellAGirlSheIsBeautifulDay, which is a welcome change from hateful trolling and
So far, mainstream coverage of this mass sharing, also known as collaborative consumption, has tended to focus on the economic impacts of sharing. This is significant because it points to a growing recognition that large-scale sharing is set to disrupt the very foundations of neoliberal capitalism.
To these teenagers, trending isn't just an added function on Twitter to improve its real-time value; it's where you want to appear (or at least what you should be talking about). It's also a feature that's very much perceived to be in their control.