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The scrappy old duo of Truman and Barkley outworked and out-punched their younger, meeker Republican opponents across the country, toiling right up until Election Day, even as their opponents rested up. The results? Truman stayed in the White House and the Democrats kicked out the "do nothing" Congress. So maybe the VP choice isn't (always) just an afterthought, at least not when they're made of iron. 2016 election hopefuls take note.
If asked to name the key year in the history of American civil rights, most people would likely pick 1863, 1868, 1963 or 1964, due to the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation, the 14th Amendment, Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and the Civil Rights Act, respectively...
On paper, it looked like Thomas E. Dewey was a shoo-in to win the 1948 election and return the Presidency to his Republican
By the time Truman ended his campaign the night before the election, several days after his opponents had retired, he had spoken to more than 6 million people in more than 350 places, covering more miles (31,000) than any Presidential candidate up to that point....
In the election year of 1948, Republican Party bigwigs were feeling pretty pleased with themselves. President Harry Truman's
One billion dollars. That's how much candidates for the upcoming US midterm elections have raised for their House and Senate
While Mr. Cameron may not travel by train much these days, he should take heed of Truman's example, and that of William Gladstone, whose Midlothian Campaign was wildly successful.
The fight for freedom in Europe did not end with the defeat of Adolf Hitler's Germany at the end of World War 2. As Winston