White Monopoly Capital

For too long the media and the commentariat have indulged too kindly Malema's various poisonous prejudices.
In Zuma's mind, he is the one who has been wronged in this David-and-Goliath battle between him and the ANC top six.
"Why not have a black television broadcasting corporation that talks about black news?"
In yet another open letter, the president's son has accused Pravin Gordhan of being beholden to white monopoly capital.
The words capture the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of South Africans
Rupert's dismissal of radical economic transformation betrays his ill-gotten privilege, says ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.
But, says Johann Rupert, South Africans are being 'robbed blind' while corruption and maladministration flourishes.
Reports say the trade body is considering taking further action against Bell Pottinger.
The parliamentary vote of no confidence in Zuma could be the trigger for a cascade of events whose effects we may still be feeling years down the line.
He also claimed the family and British PR firm Bell Pottinger played no role in pushing a white monopoly capital agenda.
More Mngxitamas will come as the stakes get higher. We would do well to make them irrelevant by having the hard discussions ourselves.
In recent years, the SACP has represented the working classes as well as the ANC Women's League represents women.
If you missed the full interview, here are the most important points.
Former president Thabo Mbeki gave a wide-ranging interview with Power FM.
They contemptuously operate outside the parameters of the rule of law but we still pretend that we have a constitutional democracy.
The UK PR company's involvement with the Guptas and state capture has prompted thousands of tweets showing that South Africans are taking it personally.
Factionalism, monopoly capital and improved electoral procedures are top of mind for the ruling party.
Joel Netshitenzhe refuses to back down after saying the party's conference rejected the idea.
"Factionalism is a cancer that must be rooted out of the ANC."