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In 2010, 14% of all civil servants were under 30 - in 2015, just 9% were. Meanwhile, 26% of all civil servants were aged
At the end of the 2010-15 parliament, ten shadow teams have a survivor from the initial appointment in October 2010, the
The percentage of appointees (and re-appointees) who are women is at its highest-ever level - 45.2% of appointees where the gender is known. This has increased from 33.9% in 2011/12.
As my colleague Jill Rutter pointed out in her blogpost, the news that Kids Company may be about to close its services 'provides
Major projects are not spread equally across Whitehall departments. Between them, DH and the MoD are responsible for 40% of
Not hugely useful. With 17 series, the colours are difficult to distinguish; if we tried labelling every line, it would also
In this blog we look at the 20 select committees whose job is to scrutinise specific government departments. We have excluded 'cross-cutting' and internal committees committees from our analysis because many of these - including the Environmental Audit Committee and all those with non-elected chairs and members - have yet to be established.
Over the last few weeks, the government has published details of four 'ministerial directions' given by Secretaries of State to their permanent secretaries.
Almost all the major departments experienced rises in the number of FoI requests received in Q1 2015. The only two departments
The results of the elections for Select Committee chairs in the 2015-2020 Parliament have just been announced.