Who killed Lucy Beale

With the greatest of respect, TV fiction is like other fiction types. It is escapism. It suspends the boundaries of reality. That is, after all the only possible reason the writers on Eastenders get away with entire families living in large houses in London, whilst earning no money for themselves.
Over 10 million watched Lucy Beale’s killer being revealed in ‘EastEnders’ on Thursday night, so how many people do you think
'EastEnders' has had half the country on the edge of their sofas all week but for one viewer it all proved to be a bit too
After finding out who killed Lucy Beale in Thursday night’s main episode of ‘EastEnders’, it was time to revisit the night
It's been a ten month wait, and in Thursday's night 'EastEnders', viewers finally found out who killed Lucy Beale - his new
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Peter Beale's finest moment Actor Ben Hardy, who plays Peter, revealed late last
Tanya Branning actress Jo Joyner has admitted she’s 'gutted' after mistakenly calling Ian Beale ‘Adam’ during a live scene
‘EastEnders’ star Jake Wood has taken to Twitter, following Tuesday night’s episode of the soap, after fans shared their
‘EastEnders’ live week got off to a solid start on Tuesday evening, and while a number of scenes didn’t focus on the Lucy
It’s official - ‘EastEnders’ live week has begun - and what a way to kickstart the anniversary celebrations. The half-hour