why don't people eat horse meat

One of the food companies at the centre of the horsemeat scandal said on Saturday evening that it was considering taking
Not only did we find out how prevalent the Polish language was in Britain on Wednesday, but also how widespread their horses
Tesco has vowed to DNA test its meat after the horsemeat scandal, saying the rogue burgers from supplier Silvercrest, "did
Poland is the source of the controversial horsemeat used in burgers sold in British supermarkets, the Irish agriculture minister
Tesco has not had the best week following news that horse DNA was found in the meat of burgers stocked by the retailer. More
Burgers containing horse meat could have been made from "diseased or injured animals", according to environmental health
The destruction of up to 10 million burgers suspected of containing horse DNA is morally and ethically wrong, a charity has
Horse meat is easy to cook, delicious and incredibly nutritious yet eating it is taboo in the British Isles but is still