A wildfire in Queensland, Australia, has forced hundreds to leave their homes. The fire has burned nearly 40,000 acres so far in "unprecedented weather" conditions. Firefighting crews are trying to contain the blaze.
71 people are known to have died.
Many people tried to take pets with them, but the animals bolted in the chaos of the fires.
On the 18th of July 2017, a four foot wall of water rushed through the seaside village of Coverack wrecking homes and businesses
Firefighters had their hands full in the area, with new, smaller fires also starting.
Firefighters had turned their focus to the Vergelegen area, as flames spread there.
Strong winds continue to fan veld fires on the upper slopes of the mountain in Somerset West on Tuesday night, with emergency services classifying the fire as “out of control”.
Areas in Somerset West are being evacuated after wildfires damaged several homes in the area.