Wildlife conservation

She even got to personally push the button to transfer the funds.
A moving video of an orphaned baby chimpanzee cuddling up to his rescue pilot tugged at the heartstrings of thousands of viewers.
A new mural is just one of many appearing around the world, but the meaning is much deeper than just pictures.
'I lost count of how many birds I witnessed choking on cigarette lighters, toothbrushes, bottle caps, and other plastic junk'.
This 16-year old is doing everything she can to prevent further destruction of Botswana's incredible nature reserves.
flickr | Mathias Appel Reintroductions can be an incredibly successful conservation method but there are many factors to
Nations agree to collaborate in tackling decline of lions, leopards, giraffes, chimps and more Many species of animals are
It's already saved a population of pygmy possums.
The once expansive and ancient forests of Borneo have been brought to the brink.
Copyright: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Whenever Stephen hears the rumble of an elephant or the roar of a lion, he