Will Smith

They made this year's ceremony look about as wild as the Antiques Roadshow.
The actor was also known for his roles in The Larry Sanders Show and 30 Rock.
The actor revives Disney's beloved Genie, first played by Robin Williams. Beware: You can't unsee the results.
Will Smith plays the iconic genie in Disney's new live-action remake of ‘’Aladdin’’. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film sees an international cast, including British-born Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Egyptian-Canadian actor Mena Massoud as Aladdin. They attended the European premiere of the movie in London.
Disney’s new live-action remake of it’s 1992 classic ‘Aladdin’ has been revealed, and it’s given us our first sneaky peak at Will Smith’s Genie.
The first look at Will in action hasn't impressed everyone.
The late comedy actor won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of the Genie in the 1992 original.
"There aren’t even politics involved. Just good American families losing their homes as you tweet."
Movie star Will Smith pulled off a real-life action stunt to mark his 50th birthday by bungee jumping from a helicopter in the Grand Canyon. The stunt was used to raise money for charity.