I am a hypnotist and it's interesting how many people I meet feel that they are out of control of parts of their lives. There's one thing that simply comes back again and again and is almost impossible for them to change in their everyday lives.
Once half-term's over it really feels like Summer's here so naturally you'll want to lose a few pounds for your holiday. So will you be doing what you've always done and go on a diet? If so, you're making a big mistake - because diets are just a short-term fix that are almost always doomed to fail.
Resolutions essentially come into the category of goal-setting. We often make them for things that we have been putting off, such as learning a language or quitting smoking. Quite often they are things for which we have a long-term incentive, like our health or our career prospects, but no reason to do it right now
We know that junk food is no good for us but often find it just so difficult to resist. It is all around us, ready to tempt us when we are hungry, tired or just plain fed-up. Willpower is woefully over-rated - most of us struggle to maintain self-control long-term, which is why the vast majority of diets ultimately fail
Lapses in self-control are a great source of frustration for human beings. Habitual indulgence of impulses or avoidance of discomfort can keep us from acting on important goals and values. This gap between what we feel is important and how we spend our time and energy leads to dissatisfaction and unnecessary struggle.
I don't want to be a killjoy, but did you know that research shows the middle of February is when most women ditch their new year diet because they can't hack it any more? It's about now when weight loss willpower turns into won't-power and all our resolutions go to pot.
Controlling our urges or cravings is not easy when we are being constantly being hijacked from all angles in our day to day lives, especially with the over abundance of food and food outlets. There are various psychological techniques for exercising self-control in order to deal with all the temptations.
Goals. Resolutions. Good intentions. We all set them, but more often than not we don't manage to achieve what we wanted to. Why is that? Why are we so bad at getting what we think we want?
Shakespeare famously wrote, "To thine own self, be true." But when your words and actions are met with negativity, you may feel your spirit sinking down. How can we learn to withstand the withering blows of doubt, both from ourselves and from others?
Genes rather than feeble will power may be letting down people who try and fail to give up smoking. Scientists have identified