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It's perhaps not a surprise then that these blustery conditions led to wind turbines providing a huge amount of power to the National Grid over the month. Indeed for 15 days wind power provided over 100% of Scotland's entire electricity demand and over the course of the month provided enough to power over four million homes.
In her first major speech on the issue, delivered to business leaders in the City, Ms Rudd warned of the "profound" economic
George Osborne has put thousands of jobs at risk due to the uncertainty he has created in the renewable energy sector, Labour
George Osborne’s plan to add the climate change levy to renewable electricity is like making “apple juice pay an alcohol
The Government is to end new subsidies for onshore wind farms by closing the existing payments schemes a year early, it has
Boorish US billionaire Donald Trump lambasted Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond on Monday, part of a spat with
A Trump Organisation spokesman chided the Scottish legal system on Friday after it lost a challenge against the building
American business mogul Donald Trump has claimed the people of Scotland "absolutely" voted against independence because of
In addition to these local effects, natural gas extraction has global environmental consequences, because the methane gas that is accessed through extraction and the carbon dioxide released during methane burning are both greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change. New fracking technologies allow for the extraction of more gas, thus contributing more to climate change than previous natural gas extraction."
Ukip MEP William Dartmouth "will have to accept the label of hypocrite" for failing to make clear that he will not benefit