windows phone 8

In 2007 Nokia paid millions in ransom to a hacker who had gained access to their Symbian operating system. This incredible
Nokia has built some wireless-charging trousers. That's right, they're trousers that'll wirelessly charge your phone as you
We put a lot of effort into our festive celebrations. Food, drink, family, friends and presents all come together (hopefully) to make the big day a special occasion. But one thing I often leave until the last minute is planning how to get there.
O2 wants to end the "duopoly" of Android and iOS - and it's prepared to back Windows Phone to do it. O2's parent company
Despite recent critical and commercial successes, Nokia is still in deep trouble. While it formerly ruled the mobile phone
Microsoft has announced that it will end support for Windows Phone 8 devices in 2014 - just six months after the mobile OS
Microsoft has officially launched Windows Phone 8 - its next-generation mobile operating system. (Except for that other one
If phones really do reflect their users, then Windows Phone 8 is the person I would be if I was a better human being. To
The HTC 8X is this year's 'flagship' Windows Phone 8 device, and it's as bright, colourful and flawed as the OS itself. It
Nokia's share price crumbled more than 10% after it announced its latest line of smartphones. The Finnish mobile phone company