Wingsuit pilot Roberta Mancino is not a person you would want to take on in a staring contest. She would win, and we know
Watching the world's best wingsuit pilots do their thing it's easy to forget just how difficult a sport it actually is. Travelling
Flying wingsuits in demanding environments is not without its risk. All events have to take this seriously and, as the sport and wingsuit technology advances, so does the competitive landscape. Red Bull Aces is a novel concept and, instead of leaping from mountains, competitors exit a plane. They then fly head-to-head through a slalom course with gates suspended below hovering helicopters.
This is getting out of hand. In the game of one upmanship this guy has won all of the iPhone 6 drop test videos. Apparently
Generally speaking if you jump off a mountain at any great height, there's only one way it ends: human pizza. Which is why
Dogs really can fly. They've actually been doing it for years with a bit of human help. Earlier this week one of the National Geographic Adventurers of the Year Dean Potter released a video of his dog, Whisper, flying.
Leaping from mountains, flying my Jedei winguit through valleys, soaring past the circling birds and glancing across at my team mates just inches away is an almost indescribable experience. An experience that I live for.
Daredevils and general winged lunatics Ludovic Woerth and Jokke Sommer filmed this absolutely insane footage of them flying
What is it with men wearing nothing more than some flimsy fabric between their legs and arms flinging themselves off very
A stuntman has become the first person to jump out of a helicopter and land without using a parachute. Gary Connery, 42, used
Adrenaline junkie Espen Fadnes may not actually be Superman (or a bird, for that matter), but he does a damn good impression