The previous week, before terrorists took back the news, a few of us were talking about track & field, in particular the World Championships in London. Along with the rest of humanity I was hoping that Usain Bolt would win his last races as well. It's not like he needed it of course; I'm sure his pool room has very little room left for any more baubles.
To me sports breaks down social barriers because it strips everything to the basic level. It leaves little to interpretation. You are measured by your ability, not skin colour and that authenticity is both refreshing in an increasingly wishy-washy world, and motivating for those who want it enough.
Sometimes in life we have moments of hardship and times where you start to lose hope. Below is my five step plan to win again...
Performing activities on autopilot is actually a lot more common than you might think. According to research by Harvard psychologist, Daniel Gilbert, our minds wander for almost half (46.9%) of our waking days.
Gambling no longer takes place only among the glittering lights of Las Vegas or in dingy betting shops smelling of stale beer and disappointment. There are now thousands of websites devoted to the pastime... But just like in the real-world, there exist scammers who prey on unsuspecting gamblers.
My amended title quote by Mikhail Gorbachev sums up F1 in 2014, now we are five races into the season and the sport is being dominated by one man and one team. Not Sebastien Vettel and Red Bull Racing, but Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes...
Loser is such a pejorative word. No one wants to be a loser. But what if glorious frustration is better than ignoble victory, trying and failing to do what is right more preferable than getting away with acting improperly?
We have a natural distaste for confidence, a distrust of feeling good in this way. We fear that confidence is actually over confidence and not healthy. It seems safer to struggle a bit in order to be sure that we are not committing the deadly sins of arrogance and laziness.
It's now only 10 days until the British and Irish Lions play their first test in Brisbane, Australia, and people are buzzing with anticipation; there's a true sense of belief that this is our time, a time for men, for lions, to walk a path that few have before and win a test series.
On 9 April, vegan athlete Fiona Oakes, 43, won the women's race in the North Pole Marathon in -28°C, breaking a course record by 44 minutes despite the worst conditions in the race's history.