winston churchill

Whatever your politics, however much of a geek you are, you have to have faith that human beings can rise above technology and touch people with meaning and with soul. For, if not, what is there to live for?
It is not often that one feels a touch of sympathy for David Cameron, but the news that he is attracting the wrath of members
Winston Churchill, Britain’s finest wartime leader, one of history’s greatest orators - and a dab hand with a paint brush
Thierry Henry has returned to Arsenal, where he was rightly recognised in his eight-year stay as one of the finest strikers ever to have plied his craft in the English leagues. This has - for enthusiasts of the round-ball game - engendered the same sort of excitement grandees of the Conservative Party must have felt when Winston Churchill returned to Number Ten in 1951 at the age of 76.
As a non-smoker and someone who considers herself a student of presentation, I have found myself wondering why cigars continue to elicit almost a romantic response and cigarettes do not; why one butt not the other, if you will.
Sir Winston Churchill has been named the greatest British gentleman, with Sir David Attenborough and Stephen Fry ranking
Every prime minister wants to be described as Churchillian. The very word itself conjures up a spirit of what we imagine to be the best in ourselves, "our finest hour" to quote Norman Shelley, our finest Churchill impersonator.
The government is considering sponsoring a private members bill to abolish daylight saving time. However the move is controversial
Boris Johnson has launched a withering attack on Liam Byrne after the shadow cabinet minister accused him of being a "part
All in all, the Tories are unlikely to have a coherent, outward-looking policy towards Europe by 2015. It may sound counter-intuitive, but there is ultimately a medium-term opportunity here for Ed Miliband: if, that is, he chooses to take it.