winston churchill

Green MP Caroline Lucas had to set a Tory MP straight after he falsely claimed Winston Churchill was against electoral reform
President Donald Trump may be a big fan of Britain’s former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. But the wartime leader’s grandson
From Heseltine to Churchill, the most explosive political strops in history.
Geoffrey Howe was Thatcher’s first Chancellor, and also the man the Iron Lady turned to take over as Foreign Secretary after
David Cameron was guest of honour at a meeting of Tory backbenchers tonight – and took the opportunity to mock Boris Johnson
If Dunkirk and the Second World War proves anything it is that European disintegration and nationalism is a disaster waiting to happen, one in which the working class is guaranteed to suffer disproportionately.
Churchill knew how to grab his audience's attention, and it's what made him an immortal figure. We grow up with that image on television and film, and referenced in core History lessons. It's hard to imagine Blair, Cameron, and May sustaining such iconic stature for as long as Churchill has, and yet they've all done the same job.
The Telegraph labelled it a 'major grammar blunder'.