winter fuel allowance

A "very kind, generous and public-spirited gesture". That's how George Osborne acknowledged one pensioner's decision to pay back their Winter Fuel Payment. The benefit, worth between £100 and £300, is paid to around 12 million pensioners each year to help them meet the cost of heating their homes over the winter months.
Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has succeeded in getting George Osborne to include pensioner benefits like
I don't doubt that across the UK this winter, austerity measures and rising fuel costs will put many pensioners with limited means in a horribly difficult position. However, at the same time I don't doubt that the same difficult decision will be faced by many younger adults, and children too.
Expats living in Spain have cried foul after George Osborne announced he was cutting their winter fuel allowances. In his
The decision by Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to reposition Labour's stance on benefits spending has been attacked by leading
Ed Miliband is to say he would not reverse the coalition's cuts to child benefit for the better off and that he supports
Labour heavyweight Peter Hain has torn into the party's flagship announcement on cutting winter fuel benefits for rich pensioners
The attack on pensioners' allowances leaves a big question hovering over the future of the welfare state: is it for everyone, or just for the poor? William Beveridge's 1942 report, the cornerstone of our welfare system, advocated a universal and contribution-based welfare state in the laudable hope of cementing social solidarity.
The Labour Party has decided rich pensioners should no longer be given winter fuel allowances. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls
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