winter fuel allowance

Ed Miliband has suggested the Labour Party would consider withdrawing benefits such as the winter fuel allowance and free
So budget week is upon us, and with it will come the inevitably predictable proclamations and protestations about who will be hit the hardest.
Prosperous middle-class pensioners who do not need their winter fuel payment should give the money to poorer old people or
Nick Clegg will plead with Liberal Democrats to hold their nerve and accept "vitriol and abuse" as the price of proving to
Wealthy pensioners should be stripped of universal benefits such as free bus passes and winter fuel payments before the next
Free bus passes and prescriptions must be axed for better off pensioners, a close ally of David Cameron insists. Tory moderniser
If last week filled in the blanks on the economic story of the next few years, it also opened up a deeper set of questions about what the new economic landscape means for our culture and politics.
Thus the question for government is what can we do instead? With fuel costs likely to continue rising, meeting the costs of household energy will become one of the great challenges of the 21st century, so fighting it with outmoded 20th century solutions really won't cut it.