What do you mean, "cold winter ahead"? Britain and other parts of Western Europe are not at all likely to experience the
All of this bliss happened just a few weeks ago but it feels like ages away. That's what London's weather in November does to you - my sunny and humid memories have been washed off by the rain pretty much immediately upon arrival (thank God I've got the photos).
Snuggle down through the long dark winter nights, lift your spirits and indulge yourselves. Relax in the comforting glow of one of my '10 of the best' scented winter candles.
One of you is too cold in bed, the other is stressed about the soaring costs of the heating bills. It's perhaps not surprising
A murmuration of starlings turned the sky black above the town of Gretna on Tuesday. Millions of birds put on a spectacular
Its official - British summertime is over. With the darker mornings and shorter days looming, a recent study discovered that
Let's face it, the internet has pretty much replaced the Situations Vacant section of the local paper, particularly when it comes to searching for careers in travel. However, scams are rife on the internet. In fact, job scams in general multiply during tough economic times like these because so many people are desperate for work.
As winter coats come out of wardrobes and those living on the breadline worry about the price of keeping warm, Huffington
Fuel poverty is increasingly a worrying reality for millions of families in the UK - and if forecasters are right this winter is going to be one of the toughest in many years.
When Macmillan Cancer Support was established a hundred years ago, if you got cancer you lost your income and quickly slipped into poverty. A century on, and as today's chief executive of the charity, incredibly fuel poverty remains one of biggest issues people diagnosed with cancer