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It's time we all joined this revolution. It's time we put behind us all the walls and exclusions. It's time we recognised the value of every human being. It's time to build a world where everybody matters. That's what inclusion means.
Studying nursing is demanding. It can be stressful, tiring and yes, I sometimes wonder why I do it. But then something happens that rekindles the reasons why I nurse, why I love it and why it means so much to me.
Today, when nurses are being urged, in effect, to go back to school and retrain, the implication is that the more recent scandals were all the fault of nurses. Why? Presumably because they are easier to pick on: mostly female, further down the pecking order and therefore less powerful.
I went to a meeting about autism the other day, its aim basically to improve services for people with autism.
The key in all this is to remember that it's not so called "challenging behaviour" it's actual challenging behaviour. My coccyx and fingers have been broken not "so called broken" but actually broken. Because that's what caring for someone with challenging behaviours is like. Not "so called" like, actually like.
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