A woman who accused her younger brother of being a witch and tortured him to death has been jailed along with her accomplice
A jury has retired to consider its verdicts in the case of a couple accused of killing a teenage boy after accusing him of
Violence inflicted on a teenager accused of being a witch was "completely feral" and "out of control", a court heard today
A man accused of torturing and drowning a teenager he believed to be a witch told the boy's father that he would kill him
A young teenager watched his brother drown in a bath after being tortured over claims he was a witch, a court heard today
A woman made no attempt to stop her boyfriend torturing and killing her teenage brother over claims he was a witch, a court
The sister of a boy tortured to death "for being a witch" said her brother was targeted by a sibling after he wet the bed
The sister accused of murdering her brother Kristy Bamu in a "prolonged attack of unspeakable savagery and brutality" had
A teenager begged to die after being tortured by relatives wielding hammers, pliers and chisels who were convinced he was