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Let's change the narrative. We fought side by side during WWII, we are close allies in Nato and partners in the EU, we are "Europeans", people who believe in the same values, friends and neighbours. It is true that each local authority in England must have experienced change because of immigration. Local circumstances, tensions or problems cannot be ignored. But let us try and think how to integrate migrants better.
If Britain pulls out of the European Union it would spell disaster for countries like Poland, the country's ambassador has
The Holocaust was a genocide, a systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. As President Shimon Peres has said, it was "the greatest darkness that mankind has known". Jews were abandoned by humanity. But there were human beings who were sensitive to this tragedy...
We will always remember what happened on 31 August 2014, as we will always cherish memories of 1 May 2004 when Poland became a member of the EU. When Herman Van Rompuy said on Twitter "The European Council has elected prime minister Donald Tusk as the next president of the European Council and Euro Summits,"
There is an appetite for change shared not only by EU member states, but also by many people in EU institutions, who are able to identify challenges faced by Europe nowadays. Poland believes in strong EU institutions and deeper political integration, as well as aims, like the UK, at the completion of the single market.
The wave of Polish immigration to Britain is over, because Poles now have similar economic prospects in their homeland, the
Why do foreigners come to the UK and want to work and settle down here? It is precisely because you are a great country. When prime minister David Cameron launched the "GREAT" campaign in 2012 he was right when he said, "There are so many great things about Britain and we want to send out the message loud and proud that this is a great place to do business, to invest, to study and to visit."