women and politics

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Female unemployment is set to rise once again in Wednesday's mornings official figures, according to predictions from the
The million young people out of work isn't the only worrying statistic in Wednesday morning's joblessness figures. Female
David Cameron is to appoint a senior female adviser to assess the impact of every Coalition policy on women, it has emerged
What do you get when you mix over 1,000 feminists with London mayoral candidates? Two men fighting for the limelight, and
Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has branded the current benefits system "morally wrong" and claimed family
As MPs prepare to consider the coalition's plans to cut £350m a year from the legal aid budget next week, Lib Dem MPs Tom
The government has U-turned on plans to raise the state pension age in 2020 in a £1.1bn concession after the move was criticised