women and sex

Bend over boyfriend and take it like a man! What is the role of the female body during sex and what if “her” role was reversed? Ever heard of pegging?
In the spirit of bravery I am going to tell you a couple of things about sex that many women would love you to know but are too polite or afraid to say.
The honest fact of the matter is that there are ten different types of orgasms. That means there are ten ways to do the sex thing and make a woman come.
When it comes to celibacy, for religious reasons, you don’t know when the wait will end, or if it will end. I am content with that.
For centuries, our sexual experiences have been policed by men and with that carries improbable ideas of how and what a woman should be.
Women DO know what they want. It just happens to change, all the time. And we need you, to keep up. Women have been designed to change.
I kept my introduction to Tinder very secretive and did not think I'd share publicly wishing to avoid any judgment for resorting to "pitiful online dating".
Masturbation. Everyone does it, but no one ever talks about it. Especially when you're a woman. But one group of women in