women at work

There’s still a problem with men and women not being encouraged to enter roles or industries that stereotypically are not associated with their gender
The show's "fireman challenge" involved male contestants "saving" the women from danger.
'My friends coined a word: hepeated.'
Plenty of women know what it’s like to have their voices ignored until a man repeats her words, but now there’s a catchy
According to the news headlines of late, the working world has not been great for women. It seems that issues around unconscious bias are still rife - and they have certainly captured the attention of the media. Currently Google is facing a class action lawsuit from roughly sixty women, all of whom are involved in the same row around issues of sexism at the tech giant.
There's never been a better time to join a girl gang.
From glass ceilings and the gender pay gap to maternity discrimination and sexual harassment, the odds are stacked against
With evidence that pregnancy discrimination is at shocking levels, and has almost doubled in a decade, the Government urgently needs to act. We have outlined the steps the Government needs to take, from high-profile leadership to practical help for employers, abolishing the employment tribunal fees that prevent dinosaur bosses being taken to task, and ensuring women have access to the advice and help they need.
Overcoming even the most subtle forms of sexism
My advice to any woman, no matter what point in their career or personal journey, is to aim high - aim as high as the limits of what you can imagine you're capable of. If you can imagine something, then you should just go for it.