women bishops

Revd Libby Lane is the UK's first female bishop, Downing Street announced on Wednesday, with the Cheshire vicar described
The Church of England is entering "a completely new phase of our existence" after the appointment of women bishops was approved
The Anglican Communion is facing battling deep internal divisions that may not be overcome, as well as external attacks on
There was also the Daily Mail's coverage of said cabinet reshuffle... As this week draws to a close, the news has, of course
The Church of England once used to be described as the Conservative party at prayer. It's been a week where both institutions have made welcome strides towards equality, whether long overdue or not. Elizabeth and Emmeline would be proud.
Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the General Synod's decision to back legislation allowing women bishops in the Church
The Church of England has finally endorsed women bishops, after years of bitter struggle, as the General Synod gave the legislation
A minority opposed to the appointment of women bishops could being subject of "bile, vitriol and disapprobation", the Church
It has been a long road for the Church of England. Women priests were first proposed as concept in 1975, but it was only
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