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Mannequins are an extension of a brand's creative vision; one that may not be to everyone's (or anyone's) taste. Will a piece of plastic ever be seen as the equivalent of a human body? Doubtful. Until then, let's focus on banning the things that matter.
Meanwhile lifestyle blogger, Fiona Longmuir, posted her response to the advert on Twitter with a photograph showing her and
With a depression t-shirt and a blood-stained 'Kent State shooting' hoodie as previous mistakes, you'd think Urban Outfitters
She tells me she has no self-esteem or body image issues at all, but if that's the case, why does she feel she needs cosmetic surgery? Did my worries and fears about my breasts rub off on her as a child? She was no stranger to my obsessions, and I really worried that my low self-esteem and negative body image had tainted her view of her own body image, and clouded what's really important.
I am not sure who this woman is in my mirror but quite frankly she could with a little rest. I have started to question myself...am I more tired than I realize, am I ill? Is some horrid, as of yet undiagnosed disease, lurking behind those dark lines under my eyes?
It's hypocrisy as to why Gaga involved a vomit artist in her performance if she cares so deeply about the issue of eating disorders as she claims? Surely, she would realise the performance would conflict with those who idolise her who are suffering from anorexia and bulimia?
OK, so be honest, do you accept yourself exactly as you are right now? Did you parents convey to you constantly that you were acceptable just as you were and that it was okay to make mistakes and get things wrong?
Ah the perfect female body: so often dangled in front of regular women like a leggy, supermodel-shaped, uber-airbrushed, completely
In rehab I realised I was not special... It was there in sober reflection I had the lightbulb moment. It sounds daft now. A simple thing I didn't see, or more likely, as a stubborn Northern Taurean, refused to see. It was choice. 
I became a personal trainer after a long journey struggling with low self-esteem and poor body image fuelled a frustration to drink until I blacked out most evenings. The entertainment industry seems to excuse this behaviour; in fact it thrives on the myth of rock n roll excess, the wilder the better.