women breadwinners

Women breadwinners need to manage their money effectively and earn more. Shockingly, even in 2013 on average women earn 80% of what a man would earn doing the same role.
There is no such thing as a '9-5 routine' any more states one respondent and the survey results indicate that flexible working is becoming more common than ever before to fit around our other responsibilities - not just children but other dependents.
One in three working mothers is now the main earner in their homes - this is an overwhelming 80% rise in the last 15 years. The report shows that maternal breadwinning has increased for all family types, for all age groups and across all income groups.
There is no roadmap for women who are main earners. Like any adventure this is then both exciting and terrifying. The good news is that women have the opportunity to chart their own path and make being the breadwinner work for them and their families.