Women Empowerment

As a Style and Confidence Coach I am naturally intrigued by any study, report or article related to confidence. Our confidence is a valuable resource and is one that we can strengthen and improve everyday. When we are without it, life can feel challenging and restrictive especially in the workplace.
Women simply being present at the helm is not enough; the other critical role of education is to prepare women to be to the leaders their nations require.
Around the globe, the demand for greater gender equality in the boardroom is higher than ever before.
We have the power to change positions, mind-sets, industries, rules and a way of life. We have the ability to merge something so simple into something beautiful. So, if you ever feel that you need to explain who you are and why you are doing something, we are women, andthat is enough.
We are all part of a tribe, and we even have what it takes to lead one. We must stand up and lean into the chaos, not away from it.
all women everywhere Now, with #UnitedByHalf, we want to challenge men. Social sterotypes and taboos limiting women in India and elsewhere will never change without the support of men. So we're calling on men to accept women as equal partners - in every aspect of their lives.
Passionate about education, Dr. Ngumbi has served as a mentor with the Clinton Global University Initiative and the MasterCard Foundation.
The World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap report identified the continued burden of inequality in economic opportunity for women across the world.
Those words are a start and deeds must follow, in small moments of kindness and larger acts of standing for justice. At this moment we are being put to a test. We have to show heart and conviction. We have to ensure that our children learn the values some world leaders have forgotten.
Here was an artist completely at home surrounded by talented female musicians. It was never in a lecherous way. For a man of such overt sexuality his relationship with his female band members was that of a mentor so secure in himself that he was able to let the ladies shine.