Women Hair Loss

everybody banner Might sound obvious but at the time of losing my hair, I genuinely felt like I was the only bald woman, particularly of my age, in the world. I had nobody else that I could relate to and felt like a freak. If only I'd known that I was one of many ladies with alopecia.
My short, wispy fringe is not some kind of fashion statement. I try to keep it hidden but when my hair is newly washed thick tufts of it stand up on end. It looks ridiculous but at least it shows my hair is recovering from what is fetchingly known as postpartum hair loss.
Make sure your diet contains lots of protein to keep your hair in tip-top condition. The amino acids in protein help cell regeneration and growth, which is important when it comes to giving your hair a helping hand.
Baldness is often associated with ageing men, but across the world there are thousands of women also suffering from hair
Hair loss is usually genetic and, for most people, no amount of shampoos, creams or drugs will halt or reverse it. The only permanent solution is a hair transplant. I perform hundreds of these procedures a year and always see a restoration of hair.
Achieving a natural looking hair transplant requires skill, concentration and attention to detail, all of which take time. For this reason, hair transplant surgery usually takes between 6 to 8 hours. If you're wondering what happens during this lengthy process, here is an outline of a typical day of surgery.
women's hair loss is a far more complicated creature than its male equivalent. And it's not just Dorries we should be applauding, as actress and model Danielle Bux, who is married to football pundit Gary Lineker, has also spoken out about her hair loss, in her case alopecia.
Tory MP Nadine Dorries has revealed she cries every morning because she has started losing her hair and is "terrified" of