Women In Media

Step forward the No More Page Three campaign, which has recently exploded onto a laptop near you. It has already received thousands of comments from its signatories explaining why they have signed. They range from simple statements, such as ''Because boobs aren't news", to more disturbing ones like, "no male friends who look at these pictures say 'I respect her'"...
Helen Gurley Brown, who passed away on Monday, is largely credited with changing the face of women's media and championing
From trouser-rubbing reportage courtesy of The Sun to helpful picture galleries of women's beach volleyball matches via The
Femfresh were the target of a large social media backlash on Thursday over their decision not to use the word 'vagina' in
Across the world today we celebrate the 101st International Women's Day. Back when it started, women didn't have the vote, didn't have equal pay and certainly didn't have the freedoms we currently enjoy, but it's unfortunately as relevant today as it was then, and here's just a small example of why. 24 hours before International Women's Day and I'm at the Financial Times' Digital Media Conference. An event designed to 'examine the most pressing issues and opportunity' in our changing media landscape, to 'debate what the future holds for digital media'. Before I've even arrived, Twitter kindly informs me that of the 42 speakers appearing during the two-day event, only one is a woman.
A new university course focusing on women, Islam and media has become the first module in the UK to explore honour crimes
With the USA following the UK lead in a move towards banning Photoshop in advertising, it's time to reflect on a groundswell of activity that finds us at All Walks Beyond the Catwalk celebrating a shift in energy.
Feminism has gone in and out of fashion for years, which is obviously ridiculous and clearly shows that there has been a fundamental lack of understanding somewhere along the line. As Moran implores her readers, "What part of liberation for women is not for you?"