With 36,000 signatories and £13,000 raised in readiness for legal action, we achieved success. On 24 July 2013, Mark Carney, the new governor, announced that from 2017, Jane Austen would appear on the £10 note. He also promised an extensive review of the selection process.
Starting a petition is the first step on a campaign's journey. The next is to build an army of supporters to help you take action, create momentum and make the change you want to see happen...
Online campaigning certainly has its critics. In a forthcoming book, researchers from Oxford University say they have found
On average, two campaigns a week win on Change.org in the UK - most of them powered by incredible stories of how big, structural issues impact on peoples daily lives. What they have in common is that one person wanted to change something so much that they told their story and built a movement around it. In doing so they shifted how power works: from the top down to the bottom up and have often sparked a much wider debate on the bigger issue around their campaign.
When the Bank of England decided to replace the only woman on British bank notes with a man, British feminists were quick